About  Me

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Philpot but I go by Jacci. I am an 8 year veteran of the United States Army reserves and black business owner. All about credit llc was established in 2014, but have been doing credit work since 2011. I started the business with my good friend Kiva Israel because we wanted to help our people get back on track.


We both have been victims of the monthly payment repair companies, with no change seen. I know of some good reputable monthly companies, I just wanted to break the mold. Oftentimes, credit health and financial responsibility is not taught growing up in the home. It’s important to provide credit education that can be passed down generations for generational wealth. I offer credit consultation, credit restoration, credit course to fix credit yourself, and e-books. 

My favorite part about what I do Seeing people achieve their credit goals. I feel like I am purchasing the home, car, land and starting businesses with them. I also actively participate in feeding the homeless and provide hygiene often to kids. I have done non- profit work for 17+ years and its a passion of mines. It is my dream to have multiple living facilities and shelters for them to transition back into everyday life.